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Attention men, if you think wedding planning is your fiancé’s domain, take note. There are plenty of wedding planning tasks perfect for the groom and his friends. A wedding is a huge undertaking, and grooms can make the process run more smoothly by taking on a variety of tasks.

If you are a groom, here are five ways you can ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

1. Finalize the groomsmen’s and your attire

Once you’ve selected attire that is consistent with your wedding theme, be sure it is comfortable as well. Take time to choose a tux or suit that fits well, and make sure every member of the groom’s party tries on his suit or tux.1 You and your groomsmen will be spending hours in wedding attire on your wedding day, and you want it to feel as good as it looks.

Schedule time with the tailor. The best men’s stores will have one onsite, and to be truly stylish, you and your groomsmen should be wearing tailored apparel.

“Even the best suit or tux can be ruined by a poor fit,” says Gary Dante of SuitMart. “Regardless of what you pay, any suit is only as good as the tailoring. Especially on your wedding day, you and your groomsmen deserve a perfectly tailored suit or tux – one fitted for specifically to you.”

2. Choose your shoes

Shoes are another attire item you can easily find for yourself. Keeping in mind that you’ll be on your feet a long while on your wedding day, it’s critical that those shoes are as comfortable as possible. Try them on, and give them a test drive around the store before making your final decision. Bring the socks you plan to wear for the wedding when trying on wedding shoes. Wear your wedding shoes around the house if possible to break them in and to avoid that uncomfortable new shoes feeling on the big day.

3. Purchase thank you gifts for your groomsmen

Letting your friends and family know how much you appreciate their participation in your big day is essential. Choosing gifts for your groomsmen is another great way to help with wedding planning. Cufflinks are a wonderful choice and can be customized for the special day. Gift ideas can be related to your wedding theme. For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding consider personalized sets of grill tools. Groomsmen live in the city or commute often? How about monogrammed steel travel mugs or tumblers? Good groomsmen gifts are thoughtful, meaningful to your wedding party and items they will actually use.

4. Review the logistics

It’s easy for important details to get lost in the hustle and bustle of planning. Guys are often good at considering critical logistical details such as having a contingency plan in case an outdoor wedding is rained out. If you’re planning an afternoon or evening wedding, know what time the sun will set. Such considerations will determine if you need to plan for popup tents and outdoor lighting. Also, check historical temperatures. Knowing what the weather is likely to be is essential when planning the perfect day.

5. Organize transportation

If you’ve offered transportation to out-of-town guests once they arrive, you need to plan for this. Depending on how many people need rides, assign family and friends to provide that transportation. Ensure the drivers have all of the specifics ahead of time, including who they’re picking up and where and how to get to the wedding venue.

“Wedding planning is a big job meant for two or more people,” says Dante. “Grooms, you can help ease the inevitable tension of the process by doing your part to help plan a wedding that everyone will enjoy.” 

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