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For today’s stylish grooms, the right accessories can take a simple tuxedo from classic to Wow! and make the entire bridal party shine. These seven must-have wedding accessories for men will give the groom the polish to stand out.

1. Tie clips

Tie clips are in style in a big way this year, so if the groom has opted for a suit and tie, there’s no better way to bring on the bling than with a little bar holding that tie in place. Depending on your preference and wedding theme, the material and price point for a tie clip can range from earthy wood and copper to high-end gold and platinum.

“Tie clips also serve as perfect groomsmen gifts,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “You can have them personalized with names, initials, the date of the wedding or even a special phrase.”

2. Watches

Sure, you can check the time on your phone, but who wants to be looking at their phone at a wedding? A traditional watch is the classic way to bring a sense of style to the groom’s look. And you don’t need a Rolex to make your mark. Oversized watch faces, bright straps or even digital options abound. Each one offers a unique style and can showcase the groom’s personality with function as well as fashion.

3. Pocket squares

Silk, linen, cotton, patterned or plain— have your pick. Pocket squares not only add that extra dash of panache to an outfit, but they are fun to fold in different ways. Each type of fold can give the fabric swatch a different look. The “flat” is a straight-across square look, the “puff” gives it a rounded appearance and the “point” is has sharp-edged folds that peek out from the pocket. Much like fabric origami, there are dozens more intricate designs for folding your pocket square. When it comes to personalizing your look, let your imagination run.

4. Cufflinks

Ever a classic, the cufflink is a necessary element for the elegant groom. With so many different cufflink styles available today, this is a subtle way to let your personality shine. If you’re a bold guy with a lot to say, you can find cufflinks with phrases, cartoon characters or even sports teams (what a fun way to pay homage to your hobbies and interests!). On the other hand, if you’re a groom with a penchant for the luxuries of life, you can go all-out with diamond-crusted cufflinks or sleek, heavy-metal pairs. 

5. Socks

“Men’s socks have become a major on-trend item in recent years,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “Bright, bold patterned trendy socks have shown up everywhere from the runways to the aisle.”

Also on trend: Groomsmen’s parties that choose to have all-matching socks. This craze is certain to continue because it’s all about the not-to-be-missed photos of the guys pulling up the hems of their pants in unison. 

6. Cognac-colored shoes

The warm tones of a whiskey or cognac-colored shoe add a soft and regal feeling to a wedding-day look. Always in style, these shoe tones are sophisticated and appear effortless. “For the man who wants to feel very in-style, but doesn’t want to look too over-the-top, having an soft leather shoe of any style in a cognac tone will look fashionable and still relatable,’” says Gary Dante for SuitMart.

7. Seasonal add-ons

Every season comes with additional wedding accessories for men that can take the cake. If you’re getting married in the spring or summer, then sunglasses are in order. In the winter or fall, you can opt for a scarf. These accessories aren’t necessary for the actual wedding ceremony but can add that extra oomph to the pre- or post-wedding photos.

No matter your style or attention to detail, there’s always a little something extra you can add to the standard suit or tuxedo. With these hot accessories, you’re certain to create unforgettable memories with equally unforgettable styles. 

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