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Weddings have become an opportunity for the bride and groom to share their personal style as a couple. Nontraditional looks and celebration details are all the rage from diamondless engagement rings and colorful wedding dresses to choreographed dancing.

“Wedding trends no longer spotlight just the bride,” says a spokesperson for SuitMart. “The groom is having just as much fun showcasing his personal taste on the big day.”

Here are seven big wedding trends for groom trends you’ll see coming down the aisle in 2018.

1. Personalized wedding bands

Whether it’s made of a unique material like palladium or silicone or engraved with symbols or words, the wedding band has become a testament to what the groom values. Colored metals and even gems stones are trending for 2018. One thing that won’t fly is a ring that pinches — whatever guys are choosing these days it’s comfort over concept every time.

2. Prints rule

From the runways to the real ways, men’s suits have become playful and print-laden. From fall tartans and light checks to spring florals, the average suit is not so average with all these options available. For grooms who like the print trend, but don’t feel comfortable wearing it head-to-toe, adding a floral bow tie or checkered vest may be just the right personal touch.

3. Fresh fabrics

Grooms are no longer limited to the classic wool with satin piping. Suits and tuxedos have found a fresher feeling with new materials. Crushed velvet, linen and embroidered patterns that create texture have become cutting edge. Just in case a full-body textured suit is a little over the top for you, a classic modern fit tuxedo in black is always in style.

“Textures stand out when the wedding party walks down the aisle, which has made that very popular,” says a spokesperson for Suitmart. “Velvet pocket squares are a great way to add texture to a suited look in a minimal way that will still be noticed.”

4. Now it’s Navy

Navy is the new black in weddings. Dark blue, midnight and any other navy shade is making a splash in the form of groom suits and tuxedos. This trend has been building in recent years, but 2018 there will be a real blue hue takeover.

“Navy has been really big for the past couple of years,” says a spokesperson for Suitmart. “First celebrities were wearing navy and blue suits, but now more men want to do it because blue looks so fantastic on everyone and adds a touch of personality.”

5. Fresh boutonnieres

Brides’ bouquets have become more unique, so have the boutonniere. Instead of the classic rose and baby’s breath, florists are getting creative with greenery. Herbs are going to be a popular choice in 2018. Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and other flavorful plants offer a rustic detail to any ceremony. In addition to their lovely, earthy fragrance, herbs have traditional meanings.1 For example, adding Rosemary to a boutonniere tells the bride her groom is feeling loving and loyal. Add a little Sage to represent the immortality of your union. Feathers, berries and handmade craft items are also becoming popular options. Additionally, the boutonnieres can vary throughout the groomsmen. Classically, these stylish flower arrangements were all the same, now couples are choosing different flowers and leaves for each member of the bridal party.

6. All the adornments

It’s not just about the cufflink when it comes to groom accessories. Tie pins, collar pins, barbells, collar bars and lapel pins are everywhere. Even waistcoat chains are back in a big way. Oftentimes, this can be a wearable gift from the bride or something all the groomsmen wear as a gift from the groom to his best men.

7. Splurge on Socks

A playful wedding trend for grooms is the addition of fancy, colorful socks. This is typically honored by all the groomsmen with matching socks to continue the sock theme of the groom. From flashy phrases to favorite sports teams, there’s nothing more fun than capturing the group with their pant legs pulled up in unison.

At the modern wedding, it’s easy for the groom to explore all the ways he, too, can shine. And with these seven tips, he will be right on trend.

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