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If you’re attending an out-of-town wedding, what to wear is likely to be one of your top concerns. For tips on what to pack and how to dress, consider the following wardrobe suggestions.

1. Follow the dress code

Many wedding invitations state the dress code. This gives you clear direction as to what to wear. Black tie means just what it says — suite and tie. Formal generally means that a black tie is optional. Semi-formal, or cocktail attire, usually refers to a suit and tie or sports coat and tie – for instance wearing loafers instead of lace-up dress shoes. You still want to honor the occasion, though, so a jacket is always a good idea.

2. Go for wrinkle resistant

“Your favorite suit may not be an option if it’s prone to wrinkle and become ill-fitting after spending time in a garment bag,” says Gary Dante from SuitMart. “Choose a suit that hangs out well and resists wrinkling.”

3. Take care with your garments

To avoid wrinkles, wrap the suit in a hanging garment bag and avoid folding it. As soon as you reach your destination, take the suit out and hang it. If necessary, do touch-ups steaming with the hotel iron. If possible, do the steaming at least a day before the wedding, in case there is a problem you’d have time to get an alternate suite if necessary.

4. Choose machine washable

If your dress shirt does become wrinkled or soiled prior to the big event, it helps to have a machine washable shirt that can be quickly de-stained and washed rather than requiring dry cleaning. If you’re staying with friends, you can treat the soiled garment with stain remover and give it a quick wash and iron. This is especially important if the ceremony is just hours away. However, today a lot of dress shirt fabrics are stretch, so they resist wrinkles.

5. Opt for dark colors

It’s been said many times, but dark colors are more forgiving when it comes to staining.  Dark brown and black suits are especially good at hiding telltale signs of spills and accidents. Of course, you also need to consider the season when choosing your wardrobe. An all-black black tie tuxedo may not be the best option for a spring wedding, so use your best judgment. 

6. Pack extras 

Of course, you don’t want to overweight your suitcase and have to pay extra to the airlines or risk not fitting things into the car. But a few extra essentials will make your trip a lot easier. While it might be possible to rush to the store if something happens to your tie, it’s not worth the hassle or stress. Bring a backup tie, shirt and undergarments, just in case. If there’s a fashion accident or emergency, you’ll be grateful you did. 

7. Bring a sewing kit

Buttons fall off and seams rip at the most inopportune times. Pack a sewing kit, and you’ll be able to fix just about anything on the fly. Look for a kit that contains spools of thread in a variety of colors. You’ll want the basics, such as navy, black, green, white and red, and then other common colors for clothing, including beige, cream and gray. Other necessities to include in your sewing kit include needles, straight pins, safety pins, small scissors and a measuring tape. 

“Out-of-town weddings offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the company of family and friends and celebrate a special occasion,” says Gary Dante from SuitMart. “Impress the bride and groom and family and friends by showing up looking like a fashion statement.”

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