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There are five iconic suits that every modern man needs to have in his wardrobe simply because they are iconic. Certain stylish men’s suits have created epic heroes and villains over the years and have influenced what embodies the well-dressed man. From runways to the real ways, these timeless ensembles help channel the greatness in you.

The double-breasted

After dipping in popularity for several years and becoming a clichéd men’s suit look of the 1980s stockbroker, the double-breasted suit is now back in a big way. No longer stuffy and overdone, this button-laden suit has been seen on the men’s runways of Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and more. Even John Legend wore a double-breasted Burberry tuxedo at the Grammy’s this year.

“We are going to continue to see more and more double-breasted suits coming back into popularity,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “They allow men to button just a bit of the jacket, keep it more loose and yet still look very fitted.”

The charcoal suit

Less formal than a navy or black suit, but not as casual as a linen getup, the charcoal suit lies somewhere in between. Not too dark, and not to light, the mid-tone lowlights of a charcoal suit look amazing with nearly everything in your closet, which gives it a longer wearing life than most of the traditional suit items. Men like David Beckham, Colin Firth and Tom Cruise never fail to impress in their grayscale threads.

The navy suit

Possibly the most fashionable Hollywood character to wear a suit is James Bond. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, each Bond has brought a different style and a nod to that generation’s fashion. It’s no surprise that the navy suit not only made its iconic debut but stood the test of time on Mr. 007. Sean Connery sported a Midnight blue suit in the film “Dr. No” and was dressed by Anthony Sinclair for the role. The jacket featured two slit vents in the back so the action star could look fantastic and fight villains. More recently, Daniel Craig gave a nod to the 1960s Bonds wearing a navy charcoal suit in “Casino Royale” and donning a midnight blue Tuxedo in “Skyfall.”

“The navy suit has never really gone out of style, but it has gained even more attention in recent years,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “Men really like having a stylish alternative to a plain black suit or tuxedo.”

The linen suit

Wearing a linen suit has long been a sign of style during warm weather.

“For the man who wants to look polished and put together, but doesn’t want to be formal, stuffy or sweat too much, classic linen suits are always a great pick,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart.

Possibly no character better embodies the luxury and ease of linen than Fitzgerald’s famous Gatsby. In the 2013 film adaptation of the iconic book, “The Great Gatsby,” Leonardo DiCaprio seemed perfect in a cleanly tailored white linen suit. The film suit featured a hint of pink and wide labels in homage to the Jazz-age look in which the book is set.

The pinstripe

While the pinstripe suit is a staple of corporate business attire today, this foundational suit is thought to have originated in the 1920s as a flashy fashion choice for hip men of the time. Soon, well-dressed mob bosses like Bugsy Siegel took notice, and the pinstripe suit became a symbol of money, luxury and more than a bit of danger. When Hollywood pinstripe fans like Clark Gable and Cary Grant began wearing them, pinstriped suits suit went more mainstream and rose to the top of men’s fashion. In 1983, Al Pacino sported a modern-mobster version of the pinstripe in “Scarface,” only increasing its updated popularity.

“The pinstripe suit will never go out of style,” says Gary Dante for SuitMart. “It simply takes on different shapes, which make it look more formal or more casual depending on the decade.”

Iconic, stylish and always on trend, these five suits are made to measure no matter the season or occasion.

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