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With all the attention given to the suit, it’s easy to forget what goes on below the cuffs, but wedding shoes for men are a key component of the bridal party look. Casual or formal, the style you select can help make your look more polished. Check out these six men’s wedding shoes with something for every groom.

1. The Oxford

Classic and iconic, every man should have a pair of Oxford’s in his closet. Known for their shoelace eyelet and closed lacing system, this style of shoe was originally made for formal attire but now can be worn with every style from a full-on tuxedo to slacks.

“The Oxford is an easy choice for any groom and always works no matter the suit,” says a spokesperson for SuitMart. “It’s timeless and not trendy, though very on-trend right now, and will always look stylish as a pair of shoes you can wear for many more occasions to come.”

2. The monk strap

Unique and attention-grabbing, the monk-strap is a polished pair that features straps and buckles across the top as closures instead of laces. Often worn without socks (or indistinguishably short socks), the refined and edgy look of a monk-strap shoe is a very sharp addition for the well-dressed man. This style can be worn with any suit from formal to casual, but always adds that extra panache and attention to detail.

3. The loafer

“The lace-less look of a loafer is one of relaxed style,” says a spokesperson for SuitMart. “It’s a popular choice in Houston during the warmer months because it’s simple and comfortable.”

Both classic and classy, the loafer is having a fashion resurgence with men wearing them in a variety of materials like velvet, faux leather and even rubber and a variety of colors from vibrant reds to cooling whites. With tassels or buckles, this simple base can be dressed up in a number of unique and eye-catching ways, making it a shoe that can look casually polished with any number of suit combinations. 

4. The Driver

Comfort is at the core of the driving shoe, which has been traditionally paired with fitted slacks and casual outdoor wear. Its body features a loafer-style but is more casual with a gripper-sole on the bottom for added comfort.

“For the very casual groom, it’s a perfect fit,” says a spokesperson for SuitMart. “It’s really made for outdoor events, and it’s light enough to enjoy dancing at a summer outdoor wedding.” 

Whether you’re looking for a fancy alligator Oxford or a comfortable, casual driving shoe, there’s something for every groom to bring his personality to his wedding day threads. 

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