About Us

SuitMart was opened in 1992 in Houston, Texas by two former retailers who believed that the traditional retail specialty store with traditional mark-ups and gimmicks like “coupons” and “percentage-off” sales were phony values.

Instead, we believed that by taking lower mark-ups from the start, controlling costs and doing ultra-selective buying of name brands, SuitMart could become a “wow” store.

In our minds, a “wow” store is a store that beats your expectations by a mile. We try to beat your expectations not only by impressive pricing, but also in styling. We spend hours with our customers finding out what they want. When we find it in the marketplace, we bring it in by the tons.

Our mission is complete when either the first-time customer or a regular customer walks into the store, looks around, checks our prices, and says “Wow.”

Come see how we "wow" new and repeat customers. Instead of buying one suit at a competitor's store, buy two suits for the price of one at the "Home of the 2-fers." Save 40-60% on a huge selection of brand name suits, sport coats, slacks, dress shirts, ties, sportswear and shoes for men, big men and boys. You’ve got to see it to believe it.