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Summer wedding season is right around the corner, which means fun outdoor events and a multitude of decisions for brides and grooms. Your wedding is the perfect time to express your unique point of view through party decor, attire and even desserts. With so many options, it can be overwhelming, but across the nation, brides and grooms are following these seven trends to create the stylish weddings of their dreams.

1. Bright colors

Pastels will always be a wedding favorite, but right now it’s all about bright colors. Bold is the new black this summer with bright oranges, fuchsia, marigold, pistachio, turquoise and other vibrant hues as wedding theme combos. Limit your choices to two or three different colors to avoid overwhelming, expressing those colors through the menus, linens and flowers, and don’t forget the groomsmen attire. A bright accent color used in a traditional tie, bowtie or even pair of socks can unite the wedding party to the rest of the party decor.

2. Pattern play

Solid colors aren’t the only trend standing out for summer weddings this year. Patterns have come into focus for the bridal parties. For bridesmaids, florals have become popular and unique, fun patterns that amplify the bride’s style. For grooms and groomsmen, checks and pinstripes have become a sleek way to add a more dynamic element to men’s fashion at the event.

“For a groom who isn’t ready to do a full head-to-toe pattern, he can always give a nod to the wedding colors with a vest that gives him that little something extra,” says Gary Dante of SuitMart.

3. Unexpected themes

People are taking their summer wedding themes to a personal space this summer. Did you love a game as a kid? That could be a theme. What about your favorite romantic song? Also a theme. Locations, experiences and honeymoons are all becoming wedding themes. Love country music or the great outdoors? Barn weddings and nature-themed events are a big favorite this season. So, think about your favorite things and build from there.

4. Signature Cocktails

Instead of the standard beer and wine, brides and grooms are taking their receptions to new heights with signature cocktails and exciting beverage options for their guests. The possibilities are endless. Coordinate drinks and your theme. Having a beach wedding? Try serving Lemon Grottos, which combine limoncello, orange liquor and fresh strawberries to create a taste of the islands in a glass. Or go more rustic for your Barn wedding with blueberry lemonade or an updated Arnold Palmer. If bright colors are on display, create fun cocktails topped with color-coordinated cotton candy or serve neon cocktails from the rainbow by adding ingredients like prickly pear juice for bright pink, cucumber juice for bright green and pomegranate juice for shades of red. Cocktails can be served with or without alcohol depending on your guests’ preferences.

5. Light and airy fabrics

Fabric choice is as vital for the groom as it is for the bride. Less restrictive, light-weight fabrics are more comfortable and will help the wedding party enjoy the reception as much as the guests do. Men can opt in or out for jackets, depending on the formality of the occasion and the setting. For warmer weather, consider semi-lined or unlined jackets to keep the groom and his groomsmen cool. Summer-weight fabric such as cotton, chambrays or linen will breathe and help keep the groom calm, cool and collected on his big day – or at least keep him looking that way!

6. Food trucks

Even at formal events, people enjoy their favorite comfort food, especially after a night of festivities. Brides and grooms are bringing in burgers, hot dogs, tacos or dessert trucks to pamper their guests. Even for couples planning a sit-down, three-course meal, they can bring in a food truck later in the evening when the plates are cleared and guests are hungry for a late night snack.

7. Silver and chrome

The metallic choices of years past were rose gold, gold and brass for wedding themes and bridal bling, but this summer is all about silver and chrome in a big way. Centerpieces are incorporating those elements, bridal jewelry is going that route and groom’s accessories are also shining bright with these metals.

“Grooms are loving silver and chrome tie clips, cuff links, watches and metal flower lapel pins in silver and additional colors,” says Dante. “They sparkle and make the grooms look sharp and on-trend.” 

Summer is the perfect season for cool wedding trends. With these seven wedding trends, your wedding will be as hot as the temperatures. 

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